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40 PCS Letterpress Cotton Invites with Double Happiness

40 PCS Letterpress Cotton Invites with Double Happiness

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Nothing can get more luxurious than letterpress cotton wedding invitations. With detailed designs professionally pressed on premium imported cotton paper, your wedding guests will have never seen anything as elegant and luxe as these. What makes our letterpress invitations unique are that they don't break the bank!

Unlike other traditional Asian wedding invitations, we don’t do boring or plain.

Whether you want to add English, Chinese (Simplified or Traditional), Korean, Vietnamese, Malay, Malay, Indonesian, Thai, etc, these oriental wedding invites will surely be your top pick!

Not only are our wedding invitations unique and stunning - something that will ‘wow’ all your guests and get them excited for your big day - elders will definitely be pleased at how you’re honoring your cultural roots and traditions with this wedding invitation set. 

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Product Description
Includes: 1 Letterpress Cotton Invitation (one side) + 1 Envelope
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