More on Tailor & Design Wedding Dress

More on Tailor & Design Wedding Dress

Blossom Wedding brings you “TAILOR THE PERFECT WEDDING DRESS” based on the understanding of material and years of tailor-made technical experience which will bring the luxurious, fit, and personal design of each bride.

One of the most worrying things for every bride is how to become beautiful and confident in her way. Moreover, you are also anxious to find the right wedding dress for the date. At Blossom, we will assist you in shaping and harmonizing the wedding dress ideas and preferences for you:

  • Support wedding dress design ideas for individuals
  • Drawing sketches
  • Actively selecting materials and wedding dress effects
  • Prepare your perfect and unique wedding dress within 6 months

In addition, Blossom Wedding also assists brides and grooms in certain cases within three months with a reasonable extra service charge.



It is better for you to understand what Blossom team is doing to proceed with your destined wedding dress. Here is the answer for your consideration. We will introduce the main parts of our procedure of wedding dress making AFTER the tailoring contract.



  • For the designed wedding dress: you need to imagine how your tailored wedding dress looks before proceeding.
  • For our existing bespoke collection, it may be not necessary to re-sketching because that design is already made and can be shown practically.



  • Based on your shared and the dress form, we will advise you a few options of the main material, types of lace, beadings
 for choosing which excellently fit with your dreamt dress.



  • This part required a very experienced dress tailor to make every cutting line in good shape based on your measurement and then connect all single parts into the dress form.



  • To assemble all single parts together based on the tailors’ good techniques to make its dress form perfectly.



  • The sketch will be shown its value here. Seamstress needs to fix and decorate lace/beading/crystal
 same as the sketch before stitching on hands.



  • We will recheck the measurements again based on the measurement note in advance. If everything is correct, it will be alright for brides to fit in.



Blossom Wedding focuses on material handling based on high sewing techniques to create beautiful and perfect wedding dresses. Besides, we always wishes to exchange ideas and advice for the most suitable wedding dresses. Minimal designs with subtle seams on imported materials and the sophistication of tailors from the first cut to the final steps create the fine wedding custom dress. That sophistication brings a clean, pure look to the audience and a perfect feeling for the bride.

Moreover, you’d better spend a little time to understand your style/body before actually tailoring any outfit, some suggestions from Blossom Team. Hope this helps you out:


The only difference in the wedding is simply the confidence and charm of yourself. When the wedding dress is designed, personalized and tailor-made. It brings you the most excited as well as others guests in the wedding. It creates and brings the rhythm of love spreading from the happy couple.

Blossom Team is always active from the simplest to the most complex stages of the perfectly tailored wedding dress. The harmony of the tailored wedding dress is firstly preoritized between the difference shapes of each bride.


Our Recommendation

Based on our experiences, here’s a list of things to consider when picking your dress

  • What is your wedding reception going to look like?
  • What is your body shape? 
  • Which part of your body do you wish to accentuate the most?
  • What style of wedding dress or evening gown fits your personality best?
  • What colour suits your skin tone?

Weddings are once a lifetime, but those of us who are prudent might not want to splurge too much on a dress that we’ll likely only wear once.

At the end of the day, nobody will ask where your wedding dress was from, or how much it cost. Most importantly, you should be getting something that flatters you, brings out your best and gives you confidence.